Our Story

Mercurial Coffee Co. is a small batch roastery with a tiny-but-mighty espresso cart. Our single pound roaster allows us to tailor every bag of beans to your exact palette. Want a dark roast that’s not too syrupy? City roast, yet full bodied? Any milk or sugar? Pour over or French press? We want to know how you take it and how you make it. Mercurial Coffee Co. is coffee at a human scale. 

Our whole operation is fully mobile, allowing us to bring a complete cafe experience to music festivals, weddings, or anywhere we (or you) see fit. Each beverage is made with beans we roast every day right alongside our cafe-quality espresso machine.

Owner-operators Dean Mahoney and Harry D’Agostino spent years together on the road as touring musicians. Dean’s zeal and dedication to the perfect cup of coffee was often the only constant in a life spent in different cities night after night. Even in a cramped motel room, he’d assure them both a craft cup, equal parts art and science. Out in town they’d revel in the discovery of a great coffee shop hidden away in some quiet corner. Mercurial Coffee Co was created to capture that same feeling of stumbling across the best coffee you’ve ever had in a place you never expected.

Samantha D'Agostino joined the team in 2022 as a co-owner, roaster, baker, barista, and events director. She brings a wealth of experience in hospitality and a zeal for bringing life to every cup and pastry that we serve. Together, we are your traveling coffee oasis, your personal coffee craftsmen, and we are truly lucky to serve you.

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