Mercurial Coffee Co's Mexican Tzeltzal-Tzotzil Medium Roast coffee with notes of dark chocolate, orange zest, nougat, and caramel
Two bags of Mercurial Coffee Co.'s Mexican Tzeltzal-Tzotzil coffee, with notes of chocolate, caramel, orange zest, and incense
 Mercurial Coffee Co.'s Mexican Tzeltzal-Tzotzil Vienna Roast with notes of dark chocolate, cedar smoke, and incense

Mexican Tzeltzal-Tzotzil Washed Process **SALE**

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Mexican Tzeltal-Tzotzil

As the flagship bean that started it all, this Mexican bean from the Tzeltzal-Tzotzil farm of Chiapas, Mexico is a perfect morning cup. It’s what Harry likes to call “the best version of diner coffee” and Dean calls “the golden standard of a simple cup”. This was the first bean we ever test roasted, and the first bean we started selling to people when we began the Mercurial Coffee Co. journey.


At a Full Medium, this coffee has a clean, medium body with notes of milk chocolate brownie, caramel, nougat, and the slightest hint of orange zest. Towards the darker side, it begins to develop into dark chocolate brownie, molasses, and smoked orange peel.  It’s a crisp cup of coffee with a super clean finish that everyone, craft coffee lover and average coffee drinker can agree on as a solid cup of joe.



Pairings: Black, Milk, Sugar

Brew Methods: Hot, Iced, Drip, Filter